When your business needs a second growth engine

Innovation teams don’t create growth. Corporate rebels do.

The Villain

There’s a misguided belief in innovation teams.

Innovation teams don’t create the breakthroughs that drive growth. Corporate rebels do.

The Hero

The innovation team won’t save the day.

Your team must set out on your own adventure. Pioneer the next breakthrough. Restart growth.

The Plan

Corporate rebels have given us a spectacularly successful model.

Let’s use it.

Skunkworks program for corporate rebels

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Launches skunkworks program
for corporate rebels

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Provides dedicated support
to employees

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Sponsor projects they like,
ignore the rest

The Stakes

Your business was once the star of the industry. Growing quickly. Full of adventure.

Now growth has stalled. The adventure is gone. Careers are at risk.

If your team can’t restart growth, all will be lost.

The Quest

It’s time to gear up and begin the adventure.

We can help.

We help you get started

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Explore Terrain

We provide the consulting services you need to explore the corporate rebel model, and what it can do for you.

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Launch Campaign

We provide the catalyst to launch the skunkworks program. 60 day pilot to start. 12 months to early stage growth.

Schedule Call

The best way to get started is to schedule a call with Jim Verquist. Founder of Engine2 Innovation.

We’ll set aside 45 minutes for you.