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The Hero

Employees want to help solve the company’s challenges.

The Villain

When all work is assigned top-down, you lose employee initiative. Your company ends up operating at a fraction of its potential.

The Plan

Launch a skunkworks program to open up a second engine for innovation.

This lets employees take on experimental projects to help the company succeed. It’s a fast path to the swarm intelligence that makes startups so nimble.

This isn’t Google’s 20% time. The second engine comes entirely from extra productivity, with zero impact to official projects and schedules.

Tech Company Challenges

(that your employees can take initiative to help solve)
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New Product

“Everything is riding on this new product. We can’t afford to have it fail in the market.”

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Feature Trap

“We’re so busy with feature work that we don’t have the bandwidth to innovate the next big thing.”

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Falling Behind

“Our product is showing its age and it’s getting harder and harder to compete against new offerings.”

The Stakes

Your company was once the star of the industry. Growing quickly. Full of adventure.

Now growth has slowed. The adventure is gone. Careers are at risk.

If your team can’t restart growth, all will be lost.

The Quest

It’s time to gear up and begin the adventure.

We can help.

Skunkworks program

(90 days to swarm intelligence)
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skunkworks program

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Provides dedicated
support to employees

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Sponsor projects they
like, ignore the rest

We get you started

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Explore Terrain

We provide the services to explore the skunkworks program, and how it will help your company.

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Launch Campaign

We provide the catalyst to launch the skunkworks program. 90 days to swarm intelligence.