Author: Jim Verquist

  • My Story: The Corporate Rebel Model

    My Story: The Corporate Rebel Model

    Today everyone uses innovation teams. But innovation teams don’t create the breakthroughs that drive growth. I set out to find a solution. There are several prominent innovation models. The Lean Startup model, Disruptive Innovation, Blue Ocean Strategy, and the like. But none of these theories have proven successful in practice. Countless corporate innovation teams have…

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  • What are corporate rebels?

    What are corporate rebels?

    For the past 100 years, corporate rebels have been the most successful innovators in big companies. Corporate rebels are the employees who skip the part where you are supposed to ask permission. When they have a big idea for the company, they just quietly start working on it. Corporate rebels still do their regular job.…

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  • BlackBerry’s corporate rebel story

    BlackBerry’s corporate rebel story

    You remember BlackBerry, right? The original smartphone. Back in the day, Gary Klassen was a software engineer working at BlackBerry. This was years before the iPhone. When BlackBerry was the must-have device. Taking the world by storm. One day Gary had an idea that he thought could be really big for his company. He knew…

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  • Building internal startups vs corporate venturing

    Building internal startups vs corporate venturing

    Build internal startups? Invest in startups outside your company? Either way, you’ll need to play the game like a VC to win. How VCs win at innovation Venture capitalists (VCs) win by playing the odds. It’s called the 2-6-2 Rule. 2 of every 10 investments lose money. 6 of 10 break even. 2 of 10…

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  • Sony PlayStation: A corporate rebel story

    Sony PlayStation: A corporate rebel story

    The Sony PlayStation is the most profitable growth engine ever created at Sony. How it came about is the stuff of legend. Like so many billion-dollar breakthroughs in big companies, Sony’s PlayStation is the story of a regular employee turned corporate rebel. Ken Kutaragi was an engineer working at Sony when he had a breakthrough…

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